EBTV with host Evita Ochel and featured guest Jeran Campanella in a dialogue about the shape of the Earth, and why a Flat Earth would be hidden from the public, the reasons, implications and more.

Topics covered in the video include:

  1. .Jeran shares how and why he shifted away from a sphere Earth to a flat Earth model.

    • the journey into religion
    • the journey into science
    • the spiritual and religious implications of a Flat vs Sphere Earth
    • the importance of personal research, rather than relying on external stories
    • Globe Earth as a slave system
  2. Jeran explains the implications of the statement “NASA has lied about space, science has lied about evolution and mathematics do not prove reality” and how it specifically relates to creating the math to fit a certain outcome. (17:25)

    • the importance of considering consciously what we are being told
    • Einstein’s words “As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.” (21:40)
    • the role of relativity
    • what science tells us to believe about Earth and Space (25:25)
    • the importance of thinking for ourselves, and no longer believing others (28:35)
    • how the education system creates systems of control by conditioning us to the narratives it desires
    • how everything is connected: Flat Earth, medicine, etc.
    • Evita’s video on vaccines
  3. Exploring people’s reactions to Flat Earth dialogues: why so much anger and investment if the topic is “silly”. (33:22)

    • obsessive troll behavior that is prevalent within the Flat Earth dialogues
    • the challenge for people to deal with deception
    • how science feeds us the answers: tells us what to think, instead of how to think
    • helping people wrap their head around how such a gigantic deception could be upon us
    • the “multiple generation” long timespan plan that can make the Globe Earth narrative possible
    • questioning the citations of Eratosthenes, which many people base their Globe beliefs on
  4. Exploring the concept of “they”; who is at the root of the Globe deception and why. (45:05)

    • the connection to Freemasonry
    • the economic and political connections to the Globe Earth
    • the constant need for economic growth, which fuels suppression of real solutions
    • what really is a conspiracy theory
    • what has NASA done with all of the money it receives (53:00)
  5. Exploring the big “why” for the Globe deception: what was there to be gained. (54:20)

    • the absence of God in a sphere / heliocentric model
    • the presence of a creator and purpose in a flat / geocentric model
    • the challenges of properly keeping time within the current model
    • Flat Earth forces us to ask the questions of who are we and why are we here
    • the spiritually-empty Globe model, which dismisses the role of personal responsibility and accountability
  6. The perfection and Divine signature within our Earth system. (57:50)

    • Flat Earth would be easily and quickly dismissed if it was a lie, but it is not going away (58:50)
    • lack of Earth imagery, problems with the ISS live feed, etc.
    • Jeran’s mention of Michael Tellinger (1:03:00)
    • Jeran’s mention of David Wolfe
  7. Exploring Jeran’s words “open your mind, there is truth inside” and what we can each do as we move forward. (1:07:16)

    • the importance of thinking for ourselves and researching for ourselves
    • the damage of repeating information without testing it for ourselves (ex: theory of gravity)
    • the value of feeling good by being kind, considerate and being productive members of society
    • the value of doing your own observations
  8. Jeran’s Contact Info (1:14:26)

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