EBTV with host Evita Ochel and featured guest Eric Dubay in a dialogue that explores the deceptions of our reality, namely life, history, science and space.

Outline of topics covered in the video:

  1. Eric’s journey of awakening and current work. (2:16)

    • Eric’s introduction to conspiracies
    • spiritual and yoga component (3:36)
  2. About the nature of our human state and our purpose here. (5:05)

    • the role of consciousness
    • the difference between “science” and “Science”
    • the story we are told about our origin
    • micro vs macro evolution (8:32)
  3. Why Earth is not currently supporting a collective consciousness of love and peace. (12:09)

    • the role of war and how it is created
    • the consequences of diversion and distraction
  4. Exploring the deception of evolution. (17:56)

    • exploring credibility of dinosaur fossils
    • what is behind all life and creation
  5. Exploring the deception of modern life. (21:32)

    • the enslaving schooling system
    • the modern work system
  6. Exploring the deception of modern animal-centric eating. (28:05)

    • the ethical and health considerations
    • control of populations
  7. Exploring the deception of space. (33:35)

    • what we experience about the Earth
    • what we are told about the Earth
    • what the Flat Earth model exemplifies
    • the problems with gravity
  8. Exploring the reasons for the deceptions. (46:19)

    • who gains and how
    • how does it impact us
    • possible future deceptions (alien invasion)
  9. Advice about seeking truth and staying positive on the journey of exploring the nature of our reality. (59:00)

  10. Eric’s resources. (1:04:32)

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