Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me—Evita Ochel, and my journey with Evolving Beings.

We come into this world as pure light. We have no stories, no attachments or judgements. We just are—unlimited potential. We live out the oneness we are, fully in the present moment and love unconditionally.

And then something starts to happen…we begin to form a sense of “I”, “me” and “my”. We begin to weave a story, form opinions and judgements, entering the world of separation. We learn what it is like to feel joy and feel pain. We learn the limits of the physical state and start to think we are our thoughts, our bodies, our families, our jobs, our religions, our nationality, etc…limiting ourselves beyond our infinite potential.

At our essence however, we always are pure, whole and complete beings of light energy. We come in this way, forget, and then work through each lifetime trying to remember and get back to that place of unlimited potential.

So although I know that I am not my story, my thoughts, my body, my credentials or anything else, I do love and respect life here and now in the physical. Each incarnation is unique and special, and here is how this one goes so far….

The Beginning

I was born in Poland under the sign of Aquarius, and as a young girl travelled to Ontario, Canada, where I currently reside. I believe and live with the notion that this Earth is all one home and find borders very artificial. Thus, I have no feelings of attachment or identification to either country, and choose not to be limited by any culture. As I like to say, currently I am Earthian.

I had a pretty calm, happy and uneventful childhood. From my earliest memories I was quiet, independent, positive and extremely resilient no matter what came. I was born into and brought up in the formal Christian Catholic religion, which I took seriously for the first quarter of my life, until the moment of my spiritual awakening.

A “proper” education and secure job were my governing ideals from an early age. Throughout high school I focused on the sciences and continued on to complete a 4 year Bachelor of Science degree. Early on I thought I would become a pharmacist, but thanks to listening to the Universe and how I felt—even without fully understanding it then—my course sharply changed and I became, what I said from an early age I would never become—a teacher. The inner calling was strong and clear.

I continued on with my formal education and got a high school teaching degree. My 7 year career as a science teacher was one of the most joyous and fulfilling times of my life. Teaching the kids, learning from them and with them, were some of the most amazing moments in my life. I was in the most right place for me, and I knew it without a shadow of a doubt. I did not know or understand what it meant to be “stressed” as a teacher or have a hard time with youth. It was so humbling to have such an impact on so many minds, hearts and souls. I was sure to never take that for granted, acting with the highest state of consciousness in every interaction.

Life in general up to that point was based on the typical ups and downs. Even though I already thought differently back then from most people, I didn’t know how to move fully beyond the cyclical dramas of humanity or transcend the typical suffering. I still lived for the most part thinking life happens to us, rather than the fact that we create our life. In my early 20′s after another roller coaster ride of a particular low, I had my first taste of freedom and small awakening. It was then that I said “enough” and told the Universe I was ready for living in a different way, and then it happened full blown.

The Awakening

At the start of 2005, shortly after meeting the man who would become my husband, everything started to change. The two of us coming together was a catalyst for great change and awakening. All of a sudden materials and resources were coming into our life that I would have never considered before, or was aware existed, like Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations With God. All of a sudden ideas, thoughts and beliefs that I always held were bursting and a new sense of reality was coming into clear focus. This was not always easy and held its own challenges, but the exciting part of uncovering the true self propelled us further.

Over the next 3 years, we voraciously read or listened to the material that was drawing us to it together, and paradigm after paradigm began to shift. Veil after veil was removed, and we saw through so many of the illusions we lived in to that point, and in which most of the world operates. Most importantly we felt with our hearts and implemented what resonated with us on the spot, making the changes real and opening up to all potential and all possibilities.

During this awakening, how I taught and what I saw in the school system shifted. All of a sudden it was becoming very clear that I could no longer participate in a system that did not have the children’s best interest at heart. I could not continue enslaving them. I wanted to teach people how to think, not what to think. At this point too, my personal call to freedom beyond all institutions was becoming clear. And so in June of 2009 I officially resigned from my job and career as a high school teacher.

During this awakening also, the religion I thought made sense my whole life all of a sudden had no substance. I saw through the foundation of fear, control, limits and stories that it was based on, and walked away from that, knowing that never again would I be limited by any belief system, cultural label or artificial institution.

With the increasingly expanding consciousness, everything in my personal life was changing as well. Many friendships which now seemed worlds apart naturally faded. Similarly thanks to my background in science and a call for compassionate, heart-centered living in every area, my nutrition and food choices got a complete overhaul. It started with the removal of meat, alcohol and all processed food, and ended with a 100% natural, plant diet as of January 2009. Currently I also practice sun gazing, with the intention to continue moving towards living at the lowest level of entropy—love.

At the start of 2008 we felt a strong calling to share what we could with others, and so Evolving Beings was born. My life partner/husband designed and built the site, while I began to share what I could with others through writing. It started as a blog, evolved as a monthly online magazine and has today become a living reference site, which serves as a resource community to help others awaken, expand their consciousness, create consciously and transcend suffering.

In the fall of 2009, with my husband leaving the world of formal corporations to working from home for himself, we reflected as to the next steps in our life. With both of us free, we realized that there was no reason for us to live in the city or suburban environment any longer, and felt a strong call to be in nature. We reflected on our priorities and at the start of 2010 sold our house in the suburbs, 1 of our 2 cars, our TV, some furniture pieces and left the city for a simpler way of life. A way of life that was more connected to who we were called to be at our deepest essence.

The Present

Today I live in the midst of nature, far away from any major or minor metropolitan areas. I share my life with my husband, with whom I do not have a typical marriage or contract of any kind, but rather a unity partnership, based on oneness, unconditional love, gratitude and respect. Our life together is based on peace, joy and celebration, honoring each moment, being conscious and present.

We live with great inner peace and knowing. We chose to transcend the cycles of drama and suffering that so many humans on this Earth are immersed in. This doesn’t mean that we will never get sad or frustrated again, it simply means that suffering does not become us, own us, paralyze us or control us. We know today that no matter what happens, we will be just fine. We are also fully aware that we create our life, and take full responsibility for it, while respecting the Universal flow of all that is. I don’t exactly know how this all happened, and while I would love to give you the “10 Steps” to make that happen, I can’t. The only thing I can say is that it was a natural progression of listening to our inner being, seeing beyond the illusions, growing in conscious awareness and making a heart-centered way of life a priority.

I highly value all aspects of nature, peace, compassion, tranquility, clarity, accountability, wisdom and environmental awareness. I know I do not need to pursue more of anything, or be “someone”, to leave a mark on this world, except for being myself. I have no intention of having a formal job ever again. This site, and all that I do today are simply creative outlets—and ones that not only benefit me, but the greater good of all. I have learned that we are always divinely supported when we live in alignment with our soul’s purpose. My days therefore are spent doing what I love—whether that be writing or watching wildlife—knowing that when I follow my bliss and live from the heart, everything I need will always be provided for in the present moment.

I am called to be of service to the world, but I also respect that there is a certain reason and purpose to everything—a flow of Divine perfection. Thus I am not here to fix anything, instead simply be an inspiration for those who may resonate with what I share and help them remember who they are, and what the purpose of the physical experience is.

Ultimately, the journey of growth and evolution is not over. And that perhaps, is the best part….
Here is to more being, remembering and evolving!

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